Mye The World Elsewhere – Seventh Till Tenth

I’ve missed a lot of weeks of this, but here it all is. I have a tiny idea of where to take it now, and I hope you can see some form of plot beginning to appear!

Thank you for being so patient 🙂

*The Playful Bard*

Wishing you die?!
Words wane and waste,
From rebuke,
Shrilly and fiercely spat at,
My open and helpful heart,
But take note,
I do love you.

In love I leave,
In lew of light,
That longs so,
To be spread abroad to all,
You have my prayers and my heart,
But farewell,
Fearful dreamer.


I think he has done well,
This bright bard may serve an end,
He might with us one year dwell,
Wait a time while I fetch our friend.

He agrees, he agrees!
We shall be a merry band,
Seeking source of dark disease,
And travelling across this land.

Chapter Two


Having our new member,
We should travel; exploring,
To see tales some remember,
Tales which many folk are storing.

Oh, what’s this? A goblin,
A mother by the way,
She walks – seems to be sobbing,
Let’s now hear what she has to say.

*The Grieving Goblin*

My mite, my mite,
My dearest little mite!
They was only seven you know!
Taken. Taken!!
They’ll be cold and full of fright,
In the cat’combs of the cave.

The witch, the witch,
That cold, dark-hearted witch!
Uses that flock of crows of hers!
Stealin’. Stealin’!
Swoopin’ and a-snatchin’ up,
Little goblin mites like mine.

The wall, the wall,
Behind you lot, the wall!
She’s heard my words and comes this way!
Fight back. Fight back!
‘Tis the only way to stop,
Her wicked, magical ways.


Smoke shadows on the wall,
A pipe releases it’s fumes,
Viewing time’s taken by all,
And crowds gather towards what looms.

Darkness builds in mortar,
Expanding bricks till they fall,
Tumbling down, causing slaughter,
Fissure laughs loud as goblins crawl.

Grasping what comes to hand,
They throw it at the black wall,
It does nought, but turn to sand,
As the darkness devours it all.


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