Preservation Of The Saints – The Five Points Of Calvinism

Truly the most wonderful of the Five Points; that God does not allow a single child of his to fall from the Book of Life. What mercy!

It is important to remember that these points were not concocted by a human mind. Each was drawn from The Bible and put under a simple title to learn it by: TULIP – The Five Points of Calvinism.

“I am well kept” The saved may say,
With complete confidence in their king,
Whether I backslide all this day,
Through my red ears God’s word shall ring.

They whom God the Father has called,
Rest in assurance and deep faith,
That they shall persevere unsold,
Within the world’s dead marketplace.

Be aware, be awake, and bright,
By Paul’s counsel and his guide stand,
Prove your God, Maker, Saviour right,
And He shall hold you in his hand.

Not by my own do I gain grace,
But by the death of Christ my Lord,
Works fail; there is no special case,
All is made clear within his word.


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