Limited Atonement – The Five Points Of Calvinism

I’m sorry! I’ve completely left the blog alone these past three days! Well, I’m going to catch up today and post the three poems I’ve missed, Mye: The World Elsewhere, and a Narnia essay on my portfolio blog: BlueRoomWriter

All that I have I owe to He,
Who inscribed my name on that page,
The pen was moved by his decree,
Imperishable ink, safe from age.

Chosen among his true people,
Called by the Father to his Son,
Drawn onwards to the living well,
Moved by The Spirit – I am one.

One man among the many who,
Have lived by thy grace and loved thee,
Not by themselves, but how they grew,
From wretched state by mercy free.

Spurgeon wrote that he did believe,
A majority would be saved,
Little chaff be caught in the sieve,
The rest called up; they are not slaves.


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