It’s been a hugely busy past few weeks for me. Here’s what has been going on: At the start of our holiday (before finishing our journey down to Weymouth) we stopped off at the New Forest, so that the dog Monty could have a stretch of his bored legs. We had just stepped into the fresh, green, watered forest when my fiancée got a call. She didn’t recognise the number. She looked at me. I looked at her. She pressed answer, put the phone to her ear, and spoke.


Immediately another voice replied and so a conversation began which resulted in many smiles, jumping-up-and-downs, running-a-rounds, and general euphoric behaviour. She had just been offered a months trial at her perfect job! This was not the FANTASTICALLY GREAT NEWS! as was mentioned in the title (although it was in it’s own way great news), it was the beginning of a hard working three weeks for the both of us.

After seeing her off to work I began to knuckle down myself, and progress with sorting out a small collection of poetry which I’ve wanted to complete for several months now. Finally, I had been given a push to do it with no excuses in sight. So I began typing. After three weeks I leant back from my writer’s desk on my writer’s chair, and rubbed my writer’s hair with my writer’s hands for one last time. My writing was done. Before me was a manuscript complete! A BOOK! A book of my very own! How wonderful! That is my FANTASTICALLY GREAT NEWS! I am publishing a poetry collection on Kindle.

I shall explain details in another upcoming post. Details such as planned release date, what it shall contain, it’s title. Also, my fiancée is not going to take that job (it turned out it was not right for her).

Best wishes,



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