Total Depravity – Five Points Of Calvinism

This week I shall be writing and posting a hymn of four verses for each of the points of Calvinism. Apologies for this being late; as for the announcement: I shall give it it’s due attention tomorrow, if that is okay?

While in world’s paths I wept and moaned,
Distressed with what I found out there,
While inside myself my soul groaned,
My human nature had no care.

Turmoil swept my life as strong gales,
Blowing me to many harbours,
No anchor had I to down sails,
On I went in peaceless ardour.

Hope was ne’er found, rest ne’er achieved,
The hole in my heart was ne’er filled,
All earth’s pursuits left me bereaved,
And time still hung untouched, unfilled.

My heart raced towards broadest paths,
Nothing I knew could slow it down,
I feared knowing this would not last,
For in each day death had been sown.


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