Mye: The World Elsewhere – The Fourth

The latest installment of my ongoing poetic fantasy story. This character has been the hardest to write for so far, because of the meter I chose to set his verses to.

*The Playful Bard*

Rhythmic strumming,
Sways the way of,
Structured song,
And round the corner rounds I,
A bard, playful as a bird,
Yet fierce in these,
That are my words.

Telling stories,
Inside tuned lines,
Tailored tales,
For audiences unheard,
Who wish a spriteful young boy,
To swell their hearts,
With words of joy.

This is my trade,
It is such that,
Plied purely,
I must travel through the lands,
And so have known many ears,
You’ll never know,
Just what one hears.


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