You Have License To Praise!

You never know what will be used of God in our day to day lives. Reading on the bus, opening up a short conversation, praying in public (not as the pharisees used to do, but head bowed and quiet). I hope this poem will be a blessing to someone.

You have license to sing!
Do not close your mouth for fear,
That other people might just hear,
Your joy in life eternal,
And love from Him: the great paternal.

You have license to read!
Do not close your books in fright,
That someone close may catch a sight,
Why, they may find a blessing,
And soon be the same love confessing.

You have license to love!
Do not halt the flow of care,
Since some have rejected your ware,
Continue to compete for,
Even more souls to bring to the door.

You have license to pray!
Do not fear the stammering,
Ignore your heart a-hammering,
Your saviour hears the words meant,
And so he will not remain unbent.

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