Mye: The World Elsewhere – First

This is a story written in the form of a poem. The rhythm and rhyme scheme of each verse denotes characters.

I shall be adding three new verses to it every Saturday from now until it is complete. I will have a normal post with the latest three and I shall add it to the new page I have created for it.

Now relax, and enjoy the the world of Mye.

*The Narrator*

Our world lies before us,
A solid field of physics,
But we do have minds that must,
It seems, travel to lands mystic.

I am the Narrator,
The story teller, poet,
I have knowledge in most lore,
But e’en I shall gain much more yet.

Dreams are what we travel in,
And we shall journey freely,
With learners grin ‘pon our chin,
Through stories told completely.


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