When Assailed By Trouble

This hymn was written collaboratively between myself and a friend. They came to me with an idea based on a few Psalms, so working from Psalm 22 verse 7 we got to this. We hope you enjoy it and that many find it a blessing.

When man does greatly assail me,
With words wicked and untrue,
Their tongues shoot out to rake my faith,
Lord above, what can I do?

I think about thy promises,
Lord, about the answered prayers,
I think on every moment when,
I was ever shiv’ring scared.

Dwelling on times you’ve rescued me,
I see this is another,
So, draw me in and hold me close,
As would a baby’s mother.

My Lord God, dearest to my heart,
Feeling so tired and run down,
I turn to thee to call thy help,
For every vale holds a frown.

Yet to know thou art beside me,
‘Twould brighten up this eclipse,
So to memories of thy grace,
I turn and wet my dried lips.

Drawing me out of deepest fen,
Walking me through the waters,
Though my body is weak and frail,
By thee I face Death’s quarters.

All wishes in me turn to thee,
Desire, likewise, longs to praise,
And declare what thou hast done, Lord
This thanks I shall always raise.

By Andrew Davies and Tamsin Francis


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