Known Losses, Unknown Opportunity

Today’s poem is very late in the day! Apologies for that. This poem was prompted by a loss of a job. I hope it comforts those who are struggling in finding their way in life.

Tightly bound in arms of cool love,
You can feel safe now, oh, my dearest girl,
Even with sorrow in these final days,
I ask your mouth in smile to curl,
At remembrance of the joy had,
The happy hours of riding the horses,
Growth in person, mental and physical,
You’ve studied hard, passed your courses,
Now we find ourselves, closing shut,
A chapter of a book, not ending here,
But a new heading given for this part,
Turn the page, read on, clouds do clear,
And someday, maybe, looking back,
We both shall easily see what was done,
For our bettering in this, life’s journey,
We’ll be thankful when the race’s run.


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