Therapeutic Walks

A slightly humorous poem this morning, with still a note of seriousness in how helpful nature is for the mind. A good walk can really change your mood.

The dog takes notes and peers over his stick,
Assessing my advancement this weekday.
He who barks leads these therapy sessions,
Although we call it ‘human led walking’,
Truly none are in charge who are talking,
But who minds? When this works wonders slowly,
Bringing forth courage out of frightened shells,
Who now no longer view nature as waste,
And lifting up their heads to try to taste,
They notice in the air the beauty there,
That is open to all who seek keenly.
Leaves that float in freshly fallen puddles,
Hoped to find ground to compost now muddled,
Are rampaged upon by our leading dog.
We don’t join in experiment therapy,
So, at end of it, we hear his pen click.


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