What Craftmanship

When the sun climbs in your blinking eye,
When vapour rises from the river,
When beauty is presented so vividly,
In this Isle that holds only a sliver,
Of all that the World has to offer.
How can we reject what is open?
How can we push past what is clear?
How can I not try and persuade?
To ignore others’ ignorance here,
Would bring me a deep and justful curse.

Why does the rain fall upon mud,
But not near a desert that wants?
Why does the ocean rise high,
But not fall into all valleys at once?

Why does an eagle fly so well,
But a penguin swim as keenly?
Why does the lion have a pride,
But a tiger walks lonely serenely?

When moonlight awakens up the owl,
When silver stars bring calm to the horse,
When dusk dampens the spirit of daytime life,
Let us watch nature follow its course,
As it walks through all seasons and years.
How does the mind understand it’s pain?
How does the cell know to bind the cut?
How does the chemical inform it so well?
People deny and call it chance, but,
What craftsmanship has been displayed!


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