Saturday Writing Update – 25/02/2017

I Have a Request

This last week has seen in some good times for me; writing and otherwise. I feel an enjoyment in what I’m writing for this blog and what I have ticking over behind the scenes. It would still be better to step up to a writing deadline for some short stories though, so if anyone is interested I would like to send over every month a short story I have written to you. This will keep me accountable and give me focus to my work.

If anyone should be generous enough to accept this please email me at

Speaking of short stories, I’ve been working into one recently and really really hope I can sort one or two out to post here super soon!

Have a good Sunday, all!

Given Chance – Poem

Single verse about education and different learning approaches taken up by different people.

Given Chance

Perveying the bookland battlefield
Brings to a General reaction:
The Napoleonic conqueror;
Xanderian commanding faction;
Montgomery; one Gilgamesh;
We all have ways to fight through this mess.

Two quick questions:

Is that how we should spell ‘perveying’?

My history is weaker than it should be and from what I recall it works, but was Gilgamesh a General or at least a leader of men?

Life With No Gravity – Poem

I’m afraid that after finishing the poem about Sidney Keyes I read it to a few people and have since decided to enter it for the Bridport Prize, this means I cannot post it here for months! I should, however, be posting a short story soon.

Life With No Gravity

The smiles have gone, as has hard work to create some new endeavour,

I cannot initiatize – inexistance unseizable.

Frustrated, the soul feels homeless, aimless, and without gravity.

Saturday Writing Update – 11/02/2017

This week has gone reasonably well in terms of writing. I feel like I have been set back on a good road and am working on a few things at the moment.

Foremost on my writing mind is the delay of Fables, Depths, and Heights, but that should be fixed this next week and I’ll put up a link once it is, sorry to keep you waiting.

Also putting together a poem about Sidney Keyes, a poet I mention so often now that I really should write something as I am about him. You’ll see it Monday.

Finally, next week will also see my first short story posted to the blog. It will either be Moonlit River’s Rest or Lucy’s Room (some may be familiar with the names), I’ll decide shortly.

Any requests or improvements I can make in terms of writing or blog management?

The Skin Of Societal Life – Poem

The Skin Of Societal Life

Rolling cold bathes the street
(Forethoughtless, I’m scarfless);
White rides waves and crashes,
Washes slowly to skies.

His hometown water hole
Helps him hold both hands on
This conversation with
A tired half-minded man.

Strange, he wears well the skin
Of societal life
And seems to be blessed by
The smiles of all his friends.